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The Water Installation

Work started in November 2007 to dig the trench ready for the waterpipe and these were completed in December.  Due to unexpected heavy rains in January the utilisation of extra 10 tonne trucks was necessary to deliver the materials to the site.

One of the trucks struggled to reach the site and had to leave 200 plastic pipes in the lower village; it was late evening and the driver couldn’t get up the hill, and was running out of fuel!!!  So extra guards were hastily arranged for the night. Before a truck could be arranged for the next day the local schools sent 200 pupils out to carry the pipes to the site (about 1km). Individually the pipes are not too heavy but this was done with great gusto and is indicative of the the eagerness, desire and excitement within the village for the project.


Villagers digging the Trench

The trench

A villager walks to collect water

Feb 08 - plastic pipes arrive

Poly pipes and structural supports for tank roof

Feb 08 - metal pipes arrive

Inside the trench

Water intake channel

Site Ledger records

Walking the pipeway in the forest

Water tank block production

Pine tree saplings closeby for the Government's sustainable planting programme

Collar welded pipes

Site Meeting

Meeting adjourned for a picture

Explanation of works

Carrying the pipes up the hill

Making the manhole covers

Inspection chamber

Management team

Water tank

Water Tower Inspection

Carrying goods back to the village

Children collecting the water from the open ditches, soon to be a task of the past

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