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The Schools in N'Giresi Village, Tanzania

The opening ceremony of the water supply was held at the N'Giresi Primary School. Formed in 1975, it has 17 permanent classrooms and 3 offices. There are 1252 pupils.

They have good exam results - 77 out of 86 went to secondary schools in 2005, 69 out of 100 in 2006 and 79 out of 103 in 2007. They are expecting 90% this year.

Songs were by the Womens Group, the Masai Group and the School Choir. Rotarians made a presentation of books and pencils to the acting Headmaster. Rotary Banners were given to the Village Chief for hanging in the village hall. After the speeches and lunch of potatoes, eggs, cakes and drinks) the water supply was turned on.

In addition to consumption, the school intends to use the water to start a project to grow green vegetables in the school garden.

The primary school are in great need of 150 desks at a cost of approximately £3,000. They currently have 265 desks for 1252 pupils and 2 classrooms don’t have any desks.
They would also like a teacher’s toilet block at a cost of approximately £2,000 (they currently have 1 temporary toilet but need 3 permanent toilets to accommodate the 26 teachers needed (currently there are 19 teachers).

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N’Giresi Secondary School
S E Urassa, Headmaster.

This is a young school - only in its 2nd year, having started on 16th April, 2007. There are 101 pupils in form 1 (split into 2 streams) and 121 in form 2 (split into 3 streams). The mix is 92 boys and 130 girls = 222.

Classrooms are built as they are needed, so there are only enough classes for the 2 years at present. There are 4 classrooms, 3 unfinished classrooms, 2 rooms used as teachers offices and a students toilet.

Lessons include English, chemistry, maths, geography, history and biology - music and art are ad hoc.

We were greeted with song and dance. The Headmaster made a speech with a response from Past District Governor Rotarian Felicity Murdin (a retired headmistress). We gave them illlustrated dictionaries and pens.

They desperately need tap water which can be provided in phase 2 of the N'Giresi project. They also need text books, a toilet room, computer with printer and photocopier for examinations.

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